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Hear YA - a mobile documentary made for Young Adults during the COVID-19 pandemic

Project type

Film Making, Music production, Vox-Pop, Research





What kept young adults going through the pandemic?

Research shows that the pandemic was tougher on youth than adults, so we asked them what kept them going and how did they hold onto hope in such difficult times. Hear the youth as their voices, experiences and opinions matter.

Concept and Production: Sreshtha Mondal, Arushi Batra
Post Producer: Arushi Batra
Editor: Sreshtha Mondal
Music: Banibrato Sinha (Sarod), Sreshtha Mondal
Mentor: Meghna Gupta
Subtitles: Meghna Gupta
Acknowledgements: the volunteers for contributing their masked selfies and videos, Sarah Iqbal and the Planet Divoc-91 team.

This film was made as part of the Planet Divoc-91 webcomic and participatory arts project.
Read the comic on Webtoon Canvas:

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