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Social Media communication Volunteering with India COVID SOS

Project type

Social Media Communication


April-August 2021



As one of the team members of the communication group of India COVID SOS, the mandates and responsibilities were manifold. My USP to the team was being one of the few Indians who were giving the ground reports and conditions and designing and redesigning strategies catering to the Indian audience.

My core responsibility was handling the Koo (an Indian X, formerly Twitter- equivalent social network) account of India COVID SOS, which saw the highest engagement and following compared to other social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

* Within a week of launching the account- we were one of the top accounts highlighted by the platform for information and awareness on COVID-19.
* Around 10,000 followers of multilingual content posted on a daily basis from April to August 2021, the highest for any social media account of India COVID SOS.

Secondary responsibilities was contributing in content creation for the communication products such as posts, memes, etc.

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