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These are some of the skills acquired and trained over the years through education and work experiences.  Visit the sections such as 'Education' , 'Portfolio' and 'What's up Sreshtha' to know more.

Self Study


The skills related to research are not just limited to my academic interests but also are sharpened in quizzes as well as other areas of interest such as science policy. 

Check out the Education section to know about my major contributions

Company event

Event Management

As an organiser,volunteer or freelance gigs, I have experience handling various tasks and roles from the pre-event stage to the post-event stage, whether that is in academia or corporate world. Especially appreciated for my ease with the dais/mic. 

Digital social media

Social Media Communication and Outreach

As part of internships, fellowships volunteering and freelance work, I have worked on various projects in this domain.

Go through some of them in the portfolio section

Classic Dance


Nritya Prabhakar (Bachelors in Dance equivalent) in Kathak, my journey as a student and performer continues...

As a performer and choreographer, my solo + group performances have been lauded from the district to international levels.  Check out my Instagram and YouTube channel for few uploaded videos. 

Taking Notes

Workshop Facilitator and Trainer

Having delivered two workshop sessions and one session as part of a workshop- all related to science communication, I also take sessions on Dance. 

Check out the portfolio section to know more.

Journalism and Creative writing

Trained in science journalism through multiple workshops and courses. Also have a creative writing blog which is soon going to complete a decade of its existence on the internet.  Check out the Portfolio section to know more.

Skills in Development

Currently learning or upgrading

Typing on Computer
Business Meeting
Filling Out a Form


Digital Analytics

Introductory course completed from Accenture

German Language


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